Artificial Life gives birth to Virtual Girlfriend

Wednesday, November 21, 2007 Labels:
The Virtual Girlfriend is a very innovative mobile game that is based on intelligent animated 3-D characters (avatars) that live in a virtual mobile world. The virtual girls can be contacted and seen using a 3G phone at any time. However, the characters will be involved in different activities during the day, for example, the girlfriend may be in her virtual home or at her virtual workplace or in a virtual bar or restaurant or just shopping with another virtual friend in a virtual shopping mall. The user can watch the characters during these activities and interact with them via the mobile phone. The characters and the game follow a certain daily and weekly schedule which will continuously change and progress over time. The behavior of the virtual characters is based on scientific principles and algorithms inspired by the computer related artificial life sciences and is using artificial intelligence technology to achieve human like behavior and responses. Users can interact with the game characters on their mobile phones by either sending them SMS and MMS messages or by chatting with them in real time through a J2ME client. Several interactive game icons are available as well. Users even have the option to interact with the Virtual Girlfriend by sending her virtual gifts which can elevate the user to different, more sophisticated game levels. A Virtual Boyfriend version of the game is also scheduled.


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