Linux Develops Towards Becoming the Future Main Mobile OS

Friday, November 30, 2007 Labels: ,
A bright future lies ahead for the Linux operating system in the case of mobile phones, when considering the results of recent studies. These expectations come from the growing rate of development that it has reached over the past time and also due to the fact that more and more handset producers show enthusiasm over using Linux on their devices.

The Windows operating system currently holds the majority when it comes to PCs, although Apple Macintosh and Linux also hold some small percentages from the market. In the case of mobile phones, the number of such options is considerably larger, with Symbian, Palm, Windows Mobile, Linux, BREW and RIM among the main solutions.

Motorola and Vodafone are among the companies that have come to appreciate most this operating platform over all others. Moreover, others are joining them, including Samsung and LG Electronics, by choosing Linux for their handsets instead of other options. These two handset producers have already started to develop mobile phones equipped with a next-generation dual-core chipset of Qualcomm, and plan to launch them on the domestic market this October.

There is a large number of advantages in using Linux over other operating systems. To start with, it needs no license fee and can be managed by a third party developer. Moreover, it brings support for software similar to that used on a PC, including a web browser.

Mobile devices using an open source operating system such as Linux have a highly customizable look and feel. This is mainly the result of the developer's work, without the licensing restrictions that can often hinder creativity and apply certain constrains. Linux is the result of the work deployed by a large number of developers and always ready for even more development.

ABI Research has reached the conclusion that, over the next five years, the number of Linux-powered mobile phones will go well over 200 million. That is a high hope in the case of an operating system with huge potential.


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