Proposed Specification for MIDP 3

Thursday, November 22, 2007 Labels:
This JSR will build upon the success of MIDP2 by enhancing the Profile with the following additions/changes:

    • o Enable multiple concurrent MIDlets in one VM
      o Specify proper firewalling, runtime behaviors, and lifecycle management issues for MIDlets
      o Enable background MIDlets (e.g. UI-less)
      o Enable ?auto-launched? MIDlets (e.g. started at platform boot time)
      o Enable inter-MIDlet communications

      o Improve UI expressability and extensibility
      o Better support for devices with larger displays
      o Enable MIDlets to draw to secondary display(s)
      o Enable richer and higher performance games
      o Secure RMS stores
      o Removable/remote RMS stores
      o IPv6
      o Multiple network interfaces per device

  • * Enable and specify proper behavior for MIDlets on each of CLDC, CDC, and OSGi, for example:

    * Enable shared libraries for MIDlets
    * Tighten spec in all areas to improve cross-device interoperability
    * Increase functionality in all areas. E.g.

    * Specify standard ways for doing MIDlet provisioning through other means (e.g. OMA (SyncML) DM/DS, Bluetooth, removable media, MMS, JSR-232, etc.)
    * Extensive device capabilities query
    * Localization & Internationalization (if appropriate, integrating/augmenting JSR-238 as needed)

A key design goal of MIDP3 will be backward compatibility with MIDP2 content.


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