Nokia 6131 NFC phone

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Klikk ide! Klikk ide! Klikk ide! Klikk ide!
Nokia 6136

With Nokia 6131 NFC phone you can have your credit card, travel card and loyalty card in your phone and use it as a multi-purpose smart card. Use the Nokia 6131 NFC to pay for your purchases with speed and ease or access any mobile services, e.g. weather forecast and the latest news just by touching a tag. The Nokia 6131 NFC supports JSR 257 for 3rd party NFC application developers. Flip open the Nokia 6131 NFC with a unique one-touch push-to-open design for comfortable one-hand messaging, dialing and answering calls. The 6131 NFC features a brilliant 16.7-million "true color" main display and 262,144-color outer display, ideal for use with the 1.3-megapixel camera and playing music with the AAC/MP3 player and FM radio with Visual Radio technology.


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