0 Paywall makes online transactions simple, easy and private.

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Place content in your Drop.io drop and enable Paywall to charge users for access to your drop. Access can be either per use or subscription based.

All Paywall transactions are processed by Amazon so your users can use their existing Amazon accounts to pay for access to your drop's content.

Paywall has many advantages over other third party retail systems:

• unique storefronts for single or multiple digital assets
• access to Amazon's near ubiquitous accounts
• low commission structure
• trusted Amazon payment processing
• access to Drop.io sharing services to broadcast your content's availability

Paywall has numerous benefits to independent content developers who are looking for a lightweight transaction system to sell their offerings. Below please find three use cases to demonstrate how individuals and groups can use Paywall.
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0 Simplest way to store any file & sharing through various channels online - drop.io

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Use drop.io to create drops and privately share your files by web, email, phone, fax, and more. Drops are protected from search engines so you can conveniently share what you want, how you want, with whom you want.

Its simpler than FTP, more powerful then E-mail, lower-cast sharing

drop.io is an online service for sharing files at very low cost. Choose the name of your drop (storage) and click create drop then you are in.

The price for 1G is only 10$.

It not just a storage service but more then that. Following are the two highlighted features

Add any file type using various methods

web: type drops url and click "add files" - upload any file type

Fax: dial drop's fax number - transmission apears as a document

Phone: dial drop's phone number, voice mail is saved an audio file

Facebook Profile: allow friends to view and add files

Email: send to drop's address - text/attachment is uploaded

Firefox: download plug-in to access drops, upload files, and create new drops

: send to drop's email address - picture/text is uploaded

Hidden Uploader/Downloader: privately collect/share files without revealing unique URL

Share through multiple channels

Email/SMS Alert: notifies when a file is added to drop

Contact: distribute drop's unique vCard and business card

RSS/Dropcast: subscribe to drop with any RSS reader or as an iTunes podcast

Zip archive: download all drops files with a single click

Twitter: tweet any file added to a drop to all your twitter followers

Conference call: call drop's conference line to communicate with multiple parties

FB Connect: user Facebook Connect to share drop update directly on your Facebook feed.

PayWall: charge for access to your drop's content (subscription or per use)
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