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I have been working with different clients for different projects. I have experienced different clients from good to best, bad to worst.

Best Client:

  • They know what they want
  • After initial requirements they continue with the development plan.
  • Pay timely for what is developed (incremental builds – mostly weakly)
  • They negotiate the time/cost/issues as development process proceeds and new requirements jump in our out and keen to sort out differences and move forward.
  • They understand the professional and healthy relationship with software house and developers is in their own interest and vice-versa.

Worse Clients:

  • They never know what they want.
  • Even provided by a development plan, they keep on changing it.
  • After locking down the requirements/costs, they still don’t accept what is agreed.
  • When the moment of payment comes, they start miss-behaving.
  • They lie a lot (It’s always best to avoid voice-calls with them) and save the chat/email histories for such clients.
  • They try to force new requirements in locked requirements and on the same cost.
  • They are never happy, no matter what you do.
  • They are wanna be who saw a movie or heard a success story and say to software house that they want an exact-copy of that web-site just in 2000$.
  • They fraud and miss-guide their investors (if any)

Point of discussion is, there are good and bad people there, you have to deal with them all, but software-houses must have some rules of engagement.
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