3 HR Dilemma in Software Industry

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I have been in software industry of Pakistan for more than eight years now.  I have the experience of working with many people and companies.  Today my focus is on HR system in these organizations. My Experience and analysis is not only based on the companies I have worked in but also the companies whom I know personally due to some interaction and also there are some companies whom I know with the reference of my colleagues.

My focus of discussion would be software companies, HR departments and software developers.
Mostly HR people have no direction for their job and other people in company also remain confuse regarding their role in the company. Normally their job is to posts job on job portals; send the received CVs to technical people for analysis and then arranging an interview. After that sending a offer letter based on interview.

Other than that they have no focus on employees, their job related issue, issue with management, interaction with team, identifying behaviors of individuals, employees skill development policies and judging the relationship b/w teams, two employees, relationship of manager and team member etc.

HR people are supposed to come to conclusions to such problems within the organization and take actions. But unfortunately as they are not trained to do any of such thing, they talk what they are told be senior management and are blind of facts most of time. They just know English and calling and arranging interviews.
Some HR people in a few companies have developed a systematic approach to handle the employees issue within team, with managers and with the company by introducing some senior people (sharing some of HR responsibilities) from that department. So that employee can frankly talk about their issues. On papers it’s a good effort and must be appreciated, but in my experience it’s has no significant role but letting oneself being the target. It hurts the person who follows it and the end result is worse than to just moving to another company silently. The seniors make sure you are learn your lesson well and off course HR people are there to help and obey seniors.

One other area which is neglected by HR department is dress code.  Most women are fashion symbol and dress to party while men are just opposite. Majority of men dress up very casually and they are not presentable and can’t attend any format meeting. Means both approaches are wrong. Office should look like an office. Banks are good example for maintaining the dress code.

Nobody wants to pay and appreciate the software developer but wants him to work like a donkey 24 hours a day.  In software companies, software developers have longest working hours and HR people have shortest.  There is always question for coming late but no appreciation for going late. The extra hours invested by the software developer are not paid and are not appreciated and also forced to do so. It hurts software developers personal, social and work life, which eventually affect the company but here people are not mature enough to understand it. That’s why software engineering career is on decline in Pakistan.

One last thing, there is no solution for abusive management like owner, CEO etc. HR people who can’t handle mid level managers, it’s beyond their ability.  The feudal psyche that the person who works for me is my slave is not changed yet in Pakistani owners, CEOs etc. And it doesn’t seem to go away very soon.  This point may or may not be part of HR debarment. But it surely is related to human resources of the company.

Feel free to share your experience and point of view with me.
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5 Solution for Pages Disappearing Issue in Google Blogger

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Recently there are lots of blogger users who are complaining about disappearing of their pages from their Blogger blog. Same was the case with me.

Because of recent changes in Blogger, once anyone goes to dashboard and saves it's changes in layout, pages start to disappear.

Solution to this issue is simple.

  1. Go to dashboard.
  2. Click on Pages on right hand side panel
  3. There would be a drop down selection box with caption "Don't show, Now select either "Top Tab" or "Side Links". 
  4. Click on "Save Arrangement"
  5. Visit your blog, you would be able to see the pages (There would be a possibility that pages wouldn't show on the same place as before disappearing).
  6. Go to dashboard and click on "Layout" on right panel
  7. Drag Drop your pages widget to place where you want it to be
  8. Enjoy Blogger's blog with pages :)

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