Solution for Pages Disappearing Issue in Google Blogger

Monday, July 23, 2012 Labels: ,

Recently there are lots of blogger users who are complaining about disappearing of their pages from their Blogger blog. Same was the case with me.

Because of recent changes in Blogger, once anyone goes to dashboard and saves it's changes in layout, pages start to disappear.

Solution to this issue is simple.

  1. Go to dashboard.
  2. Click on Pages on right hand side panel
  3. There would be a drop down selection box with caption "Don't show, Now select either "Top Tab" or "Side Links". 
  4. Click on "Save Arrangement"
  5. Visit your blog, you would be able to see the pages (There would be a possibility that pages wouldn't show on the same place as before disappearing).
  6. Go to dashboard and click on "Layout" on right panel
  7. Drag Drop your pages widget to place where you want it to be
  8. Enjoy Blogger's blog with pages :)


EL said...

thank you very much

Al Samsa said...

Thanks. But the top tab doesn't work and the only pages gadget is now in the middle of layout and can't be moved. It appears the pages at the top disappeared completely when I added a link. So far no solution to this that I can find other than the obvious, which don't work.

Other ideas?

admin said...

@Al Samsa
I had similar issue and above solution worked for me and for several other people too. Try again with the steps very carefully and let me know. If it doesn't work, please share details with me, I will look into your particular issue.

Michael Van der Tol said...

I tried this but it didn't work for me...and I was going to publish the site this weekend. Crap!

admin said...

Then it's a blogger bug, which should be fixed by them. What I did clearly makes no much technical sense. I believe they have updated the blogger but forget to inform it's users and left some issues open for old users.

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