Cuban Jazz Band’s concert at Radio Pakistan

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cuban jazz band
I had an invitation to attend the Cuban Jazz   Band’s concert at Radio Pakistan, Islamabad. But till the evening I wasn’t sure that I would go. But the appeal of the Jazz music forced me to attend the concert. I went to the concert straight from the office. I wasn’t expecting much crowd there because it’s not the popular genre of the music here in Pakistan or in other words, it’s not for everyone just like Gazal.

When I entered in the hall, there were no familiar faces. Half of them were officials and they were just doing their job by attending the concert. The sound quality wasn’t that great. I had high expectations in this regard.
The band consists of Alberto Batista Hernandez (drums), Ana Maria Caluff Oropesa (piano) and Ariel Jorge PĂ©rez Caballero (trombone).
cuban jazz bandThe Cuban Band performed several compositions. Spanish and Punjabi are the two names I remember. The music was great and three of them were synched together and were into it.  All of them were very different and interesting characters. Alberto was quiet and calm. Ana was a guitarist on the piano. No doubt she was the cute one too, but she also got liveliness and cheer in her actions while playing the piano. Mr Ariel was the stage prince. He showed very good dancing moves and he was enjoying the music which they were playing there. 
cuban jazz bandDuring the concert, the information minister came and didn’t stay long. There was a private channel’s TV anchor whom I only know by face.  He wasn’t happy with one of the cameraman because the cameraman was standing right in front of him. Poor anchor. He did get angry and kinda loose temper while the cameraman was adjusting the view. Well, it wasn’t a drama, but a noticeable activity.

The music was great and the night was cold as it should be. Because I think Jazz music heats up the soul in the dark cold nights of winter.

Thank you Radio Pakistan, Islamabad and Cuban Band for providing lovely entertainment.


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