TIP: how to create private docker registry for your company

Thursday, October 24, 2019 Labels: , , ,
For beginners, they look towards docker hub for the registry. But, what if the company has sensitive applications, which can't be hosted even privately on docker hub. The novice engineer runs out of options. So here is the tip for the day.

You can have your very own private registry. The good thing is, it would be another running container.

You can do this on your development machine, as well as on your server. But keep in mind these few points.

1. Default port would be 5000 for the registry

2. Locally, you are not bothered about the security, but for actual production-grade Docker registry, you should be running it on 443 or over SSL.

3. Further, you can restrict its access using basic-authentication as well.

4. Last but not least, point the storage to Amazon S3 or IBM Cloud Object Storage

Best of luck with containerization!


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